Latte Stone Park, Hagatna, Guam Latte Stone Park, Hagatna, Guam 
Latte Stone Park in Hagatna, Guam. One of Guam's various stone structures pre-dating the Spanish occupation of Guam.  

Weekday Program Schedule

12:00am Music

1:00am  Unshackled

1:30am  Renewing Your Mind

2:00am  Stories of Great Christians

2:15am  Drivetime

2:20am  My Moneylife

2:30am  Focus on the Family

2:57am  Around The Island

3:00am  Insight For Living

3:29am  Answers In Genesis

3:31am  Walk In The Word

3:57am  Focus Family Minute

4:00am  Family Life Today

4:26am  Joni and Friends

4:31am  Love Worth Finding

5:00am  My Utmost For His Highest

5:03am  Turning Point

5:31am  Guidelines

5:36am  Our Daily Bread

5:45am  Proclaim

6:00am  Truth For Life

6:26am  Today's Father

6:30am  Haven Today

7:00am  The Connection

7:27am  Drivetime

7:30am  Music

7:45am  Upwords

7:57am  Christian Working Woman

8:00am  The Alternative

8:28am  Lighten Up

8:30am  Renewing Your Mind

8:57am  Around The Island

9:00am  Living On The Edge

9:25am  Joni & Friends

9:30am  Family Life Today

10:00am  Prayer & Praise

10:30am  Revive Our Hearts

11:00am  Love Worth Finding

11:27am  Reaching Your World

11:30am  Focus On The Family

11:55am  My Moneylife

12:00pm  News

12:05pm  Today In The Word

12:29pm  Focus Family Minute

12:30pm  Walk in the Word

1:00pm   Insight for Living

1:30pm   Discover the Word

1:45pm   Key Life

2:00pm  The Word For Today

2:30pm  Turning Point

2:56pm  Lighten Up

2:58pm  Creation Moments

3:00pm  Treasured Truths For Troubling Times

3:25pm  Keys For Kids

3:30pm  Adventures In Odyssey

3:58pm  Back to Genesis

4:00pm  News

4:10pm  A Word With You

4:15pm  Just Thinking

4:30pm  The Connection

4:57pm  Drivetime

5:00pm  James Dobson's Family Talk

5:30pm  Love Worth Finding

5:56pm  Focus Family Minute

5:57pm  Around The Island


MONDAY - Korean (Born Again)

TUESDAY - Chuukese (Tipen Ewe Samol)

THURSDAY - Japanese

6:30pm  Music

6:56pm  Reaching Your World

7:00pm  Unshackled

7:30pm  Renewing Your Mind

8:00pm  The Alternative

8:25pm  Drivetime

8:27pm  My Moneylife

8:30pm  Focus On The Family

8:57pm  Around The Island

9:00pm  Insight for Living

9:28pm  Answers In Genesis

9:30pm  Stories of Great Christians

9:56pm  Focus Family Minute

9:57pm  Free Indeed

10:00pm  Family Life Today

10:26pm  Joni & Friends

10:30pm  Turning Point

11:00pm  Walk In The Word

11:15pm  Drivetime

11:17pm  Lighten Up

11:30pm  Thru The Bible

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